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Find-a-Contractor Masonry Buyer's Guide

Benefits of Masonry

Using a masonry system for your next project will help you deliver a completed, structurally sound building in the shortest period of time. Masonry buildings go up fast and last! Another significant benefit of masonry is its performance under fire conditions as well as favorable insurance policy premiums for fire-safe masonry. When it comes to life safety, cost-benefits analysis, and mold resistance using a masonry system is the way to go. Think about, and hopefully make the decision to "go masonry" on your next project.

From a community standpoint the economics of using masonry system construction is significant because local labor and local masonry materials are used. The benefit of jobs and goods and services that follow masonry construction projects create an economic ripple effect 4 to 10 times the construction dollars spent in the community. Certainly, these attributes should not be overlooked when the type of construction system is being considered. It is difficult to understand why any other type of building material is used for governmental and local business structures.

The real economic advantage offered by masonry construction is a result of the construction technique and performance of the system. No other construction method can compare with the "multitude of functions" that a single building element constructed of masonry provides. Basically, the loadbearing masonry system eliminates the cost of the frame because the structure is also the enclosing wall. That of course is significant, but then consider that this particular wall may also act as an interior finish surface, provide a fire resistive structure, is infiltration free, provides a large amount of mass for maintaining temperature, stability and is resistant to sound transmission.

The loadbearing masonry system is truly one of versatility and economy. In masonry it is easy to build an arch, circle, or change wall directions. Masonry provides the owner and designer with unequaled value and flexibility at a reasonable cost.

Using a masonry system means that construction can begin immediately and continue without delay because no shop drawings are necessary. Masonry construction avoids waiting for fabrication and the problems associated with the accumulation of fabrication tolerances.

Single contractor responsibility, fewer trades on the job and immediately available local materials provide the loadbearing masonry system with one of its greatest attributes, construction momentum. Continuity of progress on the jobsite helps to reduce construction problems as the crews return to the same job day after day. The resulting time savings in construction is important to the owner from an interim finance and an early occupancy standpoint.

The energy saving characteristic of a masonry system wall is second to none. A total thermal break in the wall can be provided with materials that will not lose their energy efficiency or allow infiltration. With mass on both sides of the insulation, as in a loadbearing cavity wall, large temperature swings are effectively moderated. Rising heating/cooling costs make the energy conservation aspects of using masonry more valuable.

Green Building and Sustainability

Masonry offers many unique green attributes and improves life cycle costs.

Military Construction

Masonry facilities with 50-plus-year design are ideal for military construction.

School Construction

Masonry can help address the need for updated and new infrastructure of America's public schools.

Model Ordinances

In addition to the sheer beauty of a masonry home, there are some "behind the scenes" benefits of that appeal to both homeowners and city officials.

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