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Find-a-Contractor Masonry Buyer's Guide

Masonry Certification

The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has developed the national Masonry Certification program to provide customers with a tool to assist with selecting mason contractors who are committed to quality.

Register for Masonry Certification

Why Become Certified?

Mason contractors that earn their certification will immediately be able to display the certification seal which represents an expertise in the masonry field and gives you and your firm an advantage in marketing to clients and potential customers.

Without certification, construction customers do not have an objective measurable method for determining a contractor's quality. Currently, the only basis for selection is through comparing bids and choosing the lowest. Certification provides customers an objective basis to select and specify a quality contractor and allows our industry to promote and provide a tool to measure quality to the design community and masonry customers.

Who Will Be Certified?

The Masonry Certfication program will certify the company. However, the primary individual in charge of day-to-day masonry operations such as an owner, CEO or senior management, will be responsible for earning credits and will take the certification exam. Please carefully consider this decision; if the primary leaves the company, the company will lose its current progress towards certification.

Once the requirements have been met, the primary will be eligible to take the certification exam that will measure their command of running a quality masonry firm.

Certification Fees

The initial fee for certification is $600.00 for members / $850.00 for non-members. The fee includes all tracking services and exam fee (up to three exams).

The renewal fee is $500.00 every three years.

Additional Questions?

For more information regarding Masonry Certification, please contact the Mason Contractors Association of America at 800-536-2225.

To start your certification today, please download the registration form and return it to the MCAA office.

“With the MCAA as our guiding light, we will make a difference.”

Brandon Hartsell
Gates Construction Company, Inc.
MCAA member since 1994

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