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Safety Library


Flag Persons
How to Hold a Safety Meeting
Traffic/Equipment Signaling

Crystalline Silica

Cement/Concrete Safety
Crystalline Silica Onboarding Video (English) Video File
Crystalline Silica Onboarding Video (Spanish) Video File
Respirable Silica Exposure Safety Policy
Silica Questions and Answers
Silicosis Hazard Controls
Silicosis Hazard Controls Video Video File
Silicosis Hazard Recognition
Silicosis Hazard Recognition Video Video File
Silicosis Respiratory Protection
Silicosis Respiratory Protection Video Video File


Using Drills Safely

Driving Safety

Backing Techniques
Courtesy and Safe Driving
Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Driving and Drugs
Driving Emergencies Part 1
Driving Emergencies Part 2
Driving for the Weather: Be Smart, Be Prepared, Be Safe
Fatigue Can Be Fatal
Keeping Seatbelts Safe
Preventing Vehicle Fires
Seatbelts and Safe Attitude
The Elephant in the Room
Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Preparation
Winter Driving Part 1
Winter Driving Part 2


Extension Cord Safety
Ground-fault Circuit Interrupter Safety
Missing Ground Prong


Personal Ergonomics

Fall Protection

Challenges in Fall Protection
Fall Arrest
Fall Prevention OSHA Challenge
Fall Prevention Safety Tips for Employees
Fall Prevention Safety Tips for Employers
Fall Protection
Fall Protection for Washdown Employees
Fall Protection Information
Fall Protection Safety
Fall Protection Video Video File
Guardrails, Handrails and Covers
Head Injuries After a Fall
Lack of Fall Protection Measures Place Workers at Increased Risk PDF File
Lifelines Used For Fall Protection
OSHA Fall Campaign
Personal Fall Arrest System Use, Care and Inspection
Slips, Trips, and Falls
The Danger of Falls From Scaffolds
The Unhappy Reality of Slip and Fall Accidents
You Don't Have To Fall Off A Truck: The Three-Point Rule


Fire Prevention: Not a Once-a-Year Responsibility
The ABC's of Fire Extinguishers
The Fire Triangle


Emergency! What Would You Do?
Minor Injuries
Signs of a Stroke
Small Injuries Can Be Fatal

Forklift Safety

Crushed Between Two Forklifts
Forklift Fatalities
Forklift Operator Responsibility
Forklift Operator Retraining
Forklift Safety
Forklift Safety Basics
Preventing Forklift Accidents

Handling Safety

Bulk Mortar Safety
Container and Hot Work
Crane and Material Handling Safety
Crane Danger: Eight Signs to Watch For
Danger Using Utility Knives
Drum Handling
Hazards in Pouring Grout
Pallet Jack Safety
The Use of Grinding Cups
Toeboards at Material Loading

Hazard Communication

Globally Harmonized System Video File
Haz Com
Hazard Communication
Hazard Communication Orientation
Hazard Communication Review
Hazard Communication Rule – WAC 296-800-170 PDF File
Hazard Communication Safety Data Sheets PDF File
Hazard Communication Standard Globally Harmonized System Test PDF File
Hazard Communication Standard Labels PDF File
Hazard Communication Standard Pictogram PDF File
Hazard Communication Standard: Labels and Pictograms PDF File
Hazard Communication Standard: Safety Data Sheets PDF File
Hazard Communications Onboarding Video (English) Video File
Hazard Communications Onboarding Video (Spanish) Video File

Heat Safety

Extreme Heat
Heat Disorders and Health Effects
Heat Exhaustion and Sunstroke
Heat Fatality
Heat Information Sheet
Heat Stress 1
Heat Stress 2
Heat Stroke: A Medical Emergency
Hot Weather
How the Body Handles Heat
Protecting Workers in Hot Environments
Protecting Yourself Against Harmful Sunlight
Summer Heat
Sun Safety
The Temperature is Rising

Heavy Equipment

Aerial Lift Safety
Aerial Lift Safety Inspections
Heavy Equipment

Job Safety

A Single Second
Afterthoughts and Regrets
All in Fun
Attitude and Behavior 1
Attitude and Behavior 2
Avoid Common Office Injuries
Bad Habits
Changing Employee Attitudes Toward Safety
Common Sense and Accident Prevention
Controlling Stress
Did Not Want To Take The Time
Does the Economy Affect Safety for a Mason Contractor?
Don't Let Your Luck Run Out
Employee Responsibility
Hand Injuries
Hand Safety
Hazard Awareness
Horse Play
Housekeeping 1
Housekeeping 2
Housekeeping 3
Identifying Construction Hazards
Individual Quality Makes the Difference
Job Safety - Beyond Masonry
Job Safety Analysis
Job Safety Checklist
Job Trailers
Job Training Is a Must
Jobsite Inspections
Jobsite Safety Inspections
Laser Safety
Life Changing Injuries
Look Out For Your Co-workers
Masonry Safety
Mobile Device Distraction Is Not Just a Road Problem
Near Miss - Accidents That Almost Happened
Near Miss - The One That Almost Happened
Near Miss Reporting
New Employee, New Job
New Weaponry for Fighting Crime
OSHA Consultation Service
OSHA Rule on Drinking Water
OSHA Top 25 Violations
Playing It Safe I
Playing It Safe II
Post Injury Management
Pulling Mason's Line
Rules Have Reasons
Safe Attitudes
Safety Awareness
Safety During Masonry Construction
Safety on a New Job Site
Setting the Right Example
Seven Common Accidents
Shop Hazards and Incidents
Site Specific Safety Rules
Snake Safety
Sprains and Strains
Take Two
The Basics of Safety
The Little Things
The Near Miss
Trying To Do the Job Alone
Unsafe Acts
Using Instructions
Was it an Accident or Was it an Error?
When You Least Expect It
Why Have Safety Meetings?
Why Use Approved Safety Fuel Cans
Working Around Trenches and Excavations
Your Decision


Ladder Safety
Ladder Safety Rules
Using Ladders

Limited Access Zones

Limited Access Zones
Limited Access Zones Video Video File

Masonry Tools

Don't Take Hand Tools for Granted
Grinding Wheels
Power Saws
Using Grinders
What's That in Your Toolbox?

Material Safety Data Sheets

Chemical Safety
Chemical Warning Labels
Material Safety Data Sheets Introduction
The Hazards of Chemicals

MCAA Safety Manual

Crane and Material Handling Safety Form PDF File
Fall Protection Form PDF File
Hazard Communication Orientation Form PDF File
Job Safety Form PDF File
Limited Access Zones Form PDF File
MCAA Safety Manual Word File
Personal Protective Equipment Form PDF File
Scaffold Access Form PDF File
Scaffold Hazards Form PDF File
Scaffold Inspection Form PDF File
Scaffold Load Capacity and Material Handling Form PDF File
Silicosis Hazard Controls Form PDF File
Silicosis Hazard Recognition Form PDF File
Silicosis Respiratory Protection Form PDF File
Site Specific Safety Plan Word File
Tool Box Talks Vol. 1 PDF File
Wooden Scaffold Planks Form PDF File

Office Safety

Active Shooter Preparedness: A Matter of Survival
Avoid Getting Sore At Your Computer
Office Safety Practices
Workplace Violence

OSHA Workers Safety Series

Crane Safety Checklist
Electrical Safety Checklist
Elevated Surfaces Checklist
Eye and Face Protection Checklist
Fall Protection
Floor and Wall Openings Checklist
Foot Protection Checklist
Forklifts Checklist
Frequent Hazard Citations
Hand Protection Checklist
Hazard Communication
Hazard Communication Checklist
Head Protection
Head Protection Checklist
Scaffolding Checklist
Water. Rest. Shade. PDF File

Personal Protective Equipment

Bloodborne Pathogens - Universal Precautions
Cement or Concrete Dermatitis
Clothing for Construction
Dress for the Job
Dressed for Success
Eye and Face Protection
Eye Injuries
Eye Safety
Foot Wear
Foresight Preserves Eyesight
Hard Hat Exemption Program
Hard Hats and Fall Protection
Head to Foot
Hearing Protection
How Loud is Loud?
MCAA OSHA Compliance Alert
Personal Protective Equipment 1
Personal Protective Equipment 2
Personal Protective Equipment Onboarding Video (English) Video File
Personal Protective Equipment Onboarding Video (Spanish) Video File
Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
Protective Footwear
Sunglasses vs. Safety Glasses
The Eyes Have It
The Importance of Gloves
Why Take a Chance?
Why Wear Gloves?

Personal Safety

Get Proper Sleep
Good Hygiene
New Year's Safety Tips
Security Alarm Tip
Thanksgiving Fire Prevention Safety

Preventing Back Injuries

Back Injury Prevention Tips
Back to the Basics
Is Your Back Outta Whack?
Lift it Twice
What is Your Back IQ?

Safety Forum

Avoiding Complacency Video File
Building a Safety and Health Culture Video File
Competent Person Video File
Creating a Culture of Safety through Effective Leadership Video File
Creating and Maintaining a Safety Culture Video File
Fall Clearance Video File
Fall Protection 101 Video File
Globally Harmonized System Video File
Hazard Communication Requirements Video File
Heat Stress – 100% Preventable Video File
How the New Electronic Recordkeeping Rule Impacts Injury Reporting Video File
How to Prepare for and Defend an OSHA Citation Video File
Incident Investigation: Closing the Loop Video File
Injury Management Flow Chart Video File
Inspections Video File
Leading Edge Video File
Leading Edge Fall Protection Video File
LIFE: Live Incident Free Everyday Video File
Mast Climber Safety Video File
Mental and Physical Health and the Role it Plays in Project Management Video File
OSHA Top 10 Video File
OSHA's New Final Rule on Crystalline Silica: What you Need to Know Video File
OSHA’s Silica Rulemaking for Construction Video File
Recent Trends in OSHA Video File
Rescue Plans Video File
Respirable Crystalline Silica Video File
Risk Management Video File
Safety and Sales Video File
Scaffold Hazards Video File
Silica Update Video File
Silica Update (April 2014) Video File
Speak Up!/Listen Up! for Construction Video File
The Cost of Safety Video File

Scaffold Safety

Equipment Safety
Mobile Scaffolds
More Information on Scaffold Inspection
Safe Scaffold Platforms
Scaffold Access
Scaffold Hazards
Scaffold Inspection
Scaffold Load Capacity and Material Handling
Scaffold User Training
Scaffolding Safety
Scaffolding Safety Tips
Supported Scaffold Safety Tips
Wooden Scaffold Planks

Substance Abuse

Drinking and Drugs: Not on the Job
Good Reasons to Have a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace Program


Cybersecurity and Small Business
Data Breach Management: Preparation is Key

Wall Bracing

Masonry Wall Bracing FAQ


Could There Be A Disaster in Your Future?
Expect the Unexpected!
Lightning Safety
Rain and Snow Safety
Spring Weather: Protect What Matters Most
When Disaster Strikes
Wind and Lightning Safety

Welding & Cutting

Welding and Cutting Safety Tips 1
Welding and Cutting Safety Tips 2


Wheelbarrow Safety Tips

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