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April 1, 2020 8:00 AM CDT

MCAA Perks Update


In July of last year, MASONRY Magazine published “Member Success Stories: The MCAA Perks Program.” The article detailed many of the different ways that participating in the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) Perks Program can save your company significantly throughout membership. 

If you or your organization is new to the MCAA, welcome! — you have joined almost 1,000 other companies and career masons across the country who are committed to networking and growing their business with the help and support of the masonry industry and community. 

Mason contracting companies large and small have the ability through the MCAA to access a variety of cost-saving initiatives for common business operating related expenses. 

In our previous article, we highlighted some of the most popular MCAA Perks Programs, including the fuel rewards program, discounted cell phone plans, and savings on credit card processing fees. While these programs account for a large proportion of overall savings for members, today we are taking a closer look at some of the smaller programs that members may not be aware of. 

Did you know that you can take advantage of a free service that will allow you to blast an available job posting to multiple job boards while simultaneously tracking and comparing the best candidates? With the labor shortage only becoming more intense in the coming years, it’s extremely beneficial to have a leg up when it comes to hiring- especially one that comes with no added cost to MCAA membership. While the hiring process can sometimes take months, Acquire4Hire streamlines the search to make the transition smoother and the overall experience more efficient. 

Like Acquire4Hire, Constant Contact offers another perk through the Savings4Members program that is especially valuable to companies focusing on being more digital-focused in 2020 and moving forward. With an MCAA membership, Constant Contact offers a free 60-day trial to explore all of the features and functions of their email marketing and online survey tools. These services allow a company to manage contacts, grow email lists, customize email marketing templates, and even monitor and analyze real-time social media reporting. As an added bonus, at the end of 60 days, MCAA members received 20% off a 6-month prepaid membership and 25% off a 12 months prepaid membership. 

MCAA members that are more interested in benefits that can directly benefit them on the jobsite may be more interested in perks like the services offered through WasteFocus. While brick restoration is becoming increasingly popular, the fact remains that some jobs produce incredibly high volumes of rubble and waste materials. For companies that specialize in, or perform a lot of work that requires waste removal, MCAA membership grants access to exclusive rates through WateFocus. This includes significantly reduced solid waste and recycling expenses, assistance with regulatory and environmental compliance, consolidated and customized invoices, service level optimization of both receptacle size and pick-up frequency, and no unauthorized charges or fuel surcharges. While waste removal may not always be the first thought when it comes to savings, MCAA members that take advantage of this perk can be pleasantly surprised by the added value in this benefit. 

Another often overlooked perk offered through the Savings4Members Program that can benefit companies on the jobsite is the savings through YRC Freight. Large jobs require large materials or at least materials in large amounts. If a project requires a material that needs to be sourced from a specific location, it can be a costly blow to the project’s profit margin. 

MCAA members who take advantage of the benefits offered through YRC Freight and Savings4Members include a no-cost guarantee on trade show shipments, 30-day free storage to all trade shows, and efficient and safe cross border shipping between Canada and the United States. This is especially helpful for MCAA members working with large scale masonry equipment dealers in one country on a project in the other, or those working on multiple projects in multiple locations. 

Some of the lesser-used MCAA Savings4Members perks are more administrative, like the savings on check processing services through United TranzActions. UTA is a leading check guarantee company in North America, and they guarantee to reimburse clients in full if a check bounces, as well as assume full legal responsibility for any repercussions. Additional benefits for MCAA members include no start-up fees, no monthly minimums, and the highest floor limits with automatic approvals. 

UTA offers an electronic authorization program with instant check approval through cost-effective flat-rate programs like the Direct Debit, Hold Check, or COD/Mail order programs. Between the customer services representatives at UTA and Savings4Members, there is always someone available to help if there is ever a cash processing issue, which serves for further peace of mind- something that’s difficult to put a price tag on. 

In addition to the usual savings afforded through the MCAA Perks Program, there are occasionally special offers exclusively for MCAA members. As of this writing, management software company Crewtracks is offering two free months of service with an annual agreement, and other opportunities are often made available through the Perks Program. On average, members save 20% on operational expenses, and most members cover the cost of their membership through the Savings4Members program alone. Make your membership work for you, and don’t let these opportunities for significant savings pass your company by. If you’re not an MCAA member, there has never been a better time or more incentive to join. If interested in the Savings4Members Program, any of the other MCAA Perks, or in your own MCAA membership, contact Todd Frederick at or at 800-536-2225.

About the Author

Cass Stern is the Media Operations Associate at MASONRY Publications.


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