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America’s Affordable Health Choices Act


While the intent to provide health insurance access to all Americans is laudable, there remain a number of concerns to the legislation as drafted that would have severe impacts on families, small businesses, and individual's current health insurance coverage.


The MCAA strongly opposes this legislation and asks member firms to contact their representatives today and express their opposition to the bill.

The Bill

Download a copy of House Bill 3200

References within our position on healthcare and where they can be found:

Cost: Estimates were taken from CBO (the CBO is the accounting arm of Congress and provide insight to their potential actions) estimates.

Mandate: The case behind our position on the mandate can be found on page 149 of the house bill. The estimates once again were taken from CBO figures.

Surtax: The surtax information can be found on pages 197-198 of House Bill 3200.

Public Option/Insurance Exchange: Can be found beginning in page 72 of House Bill 3200.

The CBO analysis can be downloaded at:

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