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UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall

UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall

Los Angeles, CA

UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall
UCLA - Glorya Kaufman Hall

2006 MCAA International Excellence in Masonry Award Winner

Mason Contractor: DBM/Hatch, Inc.
Architect: Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

Project Description

The Glorya Kaufman Hall Project is one of several historic buildings being restored on the UCLA Campus in Los Angeles, California. The building was originally designed as a women's gymnasium and was built in 1932. This 73 year old building is now the University's World Arts and Cultural Department and is mainly used in dance studies and performances. The $23,000,000.00 restoration projects General Contractor was Tutor Saliba Corporation and was funded by Glorya Kaufman who provided $18,000,000.00 of the funds. The architects, Moore, Ruble, Yudell Architects and Planners of Santa Monica, California provided a new design that beautifully mixes new construction with the renovated building to provide a more modern and usable structure for the present day utilization. Items such as the ticket windows and Terra Cotta Screens were removed and restored then replaced at a different area of the building to utilize the new design.

Over 1,500 pieces of Terra Cotta had to be restored and repainted plus there were 1,800 pins installed to reattach loose pieces on the building as well as all new mortar joints and a complete facade cleaning and sealing.

Mixed into the restoration was another 6,200 square feet of block and brick work as well as 3,000 square feet of paving and stairs. The Terra Cotta drinking fountains had to be restored and repined for structural stability in addition extensive work was done on the various stacks around the building.

There were several new areas of new Terra Cotta and brick where new walls were required as well as the replacement of some building Terra Cotta that was damaged beyond repair amounting to 4,600 square feet. The total masonry restoration for this project was $1,400,000.00. The new Terra Cotta used for repair and new walls where provided by Gladding McBean Architectural Products and all had to be color matched to blend with the old Terra Cotta that was being restored. Work also included epoxy injection where cracking occurred and restoration of the brick and Precast paving areas as well as brick stairs and landings. The restoration of this brick, Terra Cotta and Precast Building is truly magnificent.

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