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Corner Canyon High School

Corner Canyon High School

Draper, UT

Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School
Corner Canyon High School

2014 MCAA TEAM Awards Winner

Mason Contractor: Doyle Hatfield Masonry, Inc. Certified Mason Contractor
Architect: Sandstrom & Associates Architecture
General Contractor: Hogan & Associates Construction
Suppliers: Buehner Block
Owner: Corner Canyons School District

Wall System: Cavity Wall: Brick Veneer/Reinforced Concrete Block

Project Description

Corner Canyon High School is nestled in the Draper Valley of northern Utah. This new High School was the flagship school in the newly organized Canyons School District. Combined masonry materials for this project totaled over 262,000 structural brick, 500,000 concrete masonry units, and over 60,000 square feet of precast stone. The intent of using precast concrete to mimic stone panels was used to give a desired look the designer and owner wanted to achieve and stay within the allowed budget.

It was truly an amazing effort for the project team to achieve the desired look and quality within the schedule and budget on such a large scale, custom project. The design resulted from a collaborative effort between District Administrators, Educators, Staff, and Architect with the exterior façade reflecting the historical look of the community. The plan is designed around a central core with academic wings extending from this core. This original and innovative design allows for separation of Academic Areas from the Athletic Wing, Performing Arts Wing, and Industrial Education Areas to reduce noise conflicts as well as allow for secured isolated nighttime use.

Systems, weight of materials, and piece sizes for the precast required a unique perspective between designer, mason contractor, and engineer. In a collaborative effort between this team, there was a need to determine an adequate anchoring system for the cast stone that factored each individual panel’s weight and piece sizes but was also able to maintain productivity to stay on schedule. Several molds had to be created by the mason working in conjunction with the cast stone supplier to achieve the intended look the designer wanted. Multiple custom molds had to be used, and by planning several months ahead of schedule, the required quantities were available for installation and original substantial completion was achieved. There were many instances when structures were custom made on site to support and fit complicated window arches and details.

After completion of the project, it was a humbling experience to be on site, walk through the building, and take in the beauty and pure immensity of the masonry completed on this school. As new students and their parents arrived to the school for the first time with their faces expressing the excitement and gratitude for their new school, we knew that we had set a new standard of work and it was a testament to the quality our masons and project team was able to achieve. Doyle Hatfield Masonry is very proud to be able to say we were the masons for the new Corner Canyon High School and know it will be an excellent place of learning for our younger generations for years to come.

Date of Project Completion: July 2013


2013 Utah Masonry Council Excellence in Masonry Merit Design Award Winner

Photography by Annalisa Rosenvall

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