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Masonry Career Checklist

If you're ready to get started in a career in masonry, congratulations! We are sure you will find this pursuit a rewarding experience. Follow these steps to find training, employment, and success within the masonry industry:

Contact the Mason Contractors Association of America at 800-536-2225. You will be referred to a training and employment resource in your area. Ask about your state's training requirements, where training centers and programs are located, and what the employment prospects are.

Check out books on masonry from your local library and look for other resources detailing construction careers and basic masonry terms and techniques.

Look at your surroundings - is your school built out of concrete block or brick? What about your house, grocery store, or favorite restaurant? Become aware of the multiple uses of masonry - from buildings to sidewalks to landscaping. Take note of the artistic features of brick and the different looks masonry work can display.

Consult your school administration office and local community college to research any available vocational training classes in masonry. If you can, enroll in pre-apprenticeship training to gain experience and try your hand in the trade.

Graduate from high school. Having an education is important in any career, but especially masonry, which requires math skills, the ability to follow directions, and aptitude for working with a team. Although it is not required, a high school degree is preferred by all employers.

Pursue the training and employment opportunities you uncovered in your research. Plan to be an apprentice for up to three years before you are a fully trained and qualified to be a mason journeyman.

“Through the MCAA’s webinars we’re able to keep current in our industry.”

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