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Veneer Ties

A wide variety of veneer ties are available from various manufacturers. The purpose of the veneer tie, regardless of design or type, is to transfer loads from the veneer to the backup structure. Veneer ties are designed to resist compressive and tensile loads that arise from lateral loads such as from wind or seismic excitation. Some tie systems are adjustable, to accommodate construction tolerances or permit the veneer to expand and contract independently of the backup structure.

Code Requirements

The Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC) defines code requirements for masonry structures.

Installation & Anchorage

Embed wall tie ends at least ½" in the outer face shell of hollow units. Embed wall ties at least 1 ½" into the mortar bed of solid masonry units or solid-grouted hollow units. Maximum spacing between ties (according to the Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures reported by the MSJC) is 36" horizontally and 24" vertically.

Corrosion Protection

Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures Section 2.4 F lists required corrosion protection for steel joint reinforcement, ties, and anchors. Unless otherwise required, protect carbon steel ties from corrosion by galvanizing or epoxy coating. Specific minimums are outlined in the above referenced section.

Companies Offering Anchors and Ties

Company City State
MCAA Member PROSOCO, Inc. Lawrence KS
MCAA Member Espinoza Stone, Inc. Jarrell TX
MCAA Member Hohmann and Barnard, Inc. Hauppauge NY
MCAA Member Trowel Trades, Inc. Suwanee GA
MCAA Member Crown Masonry & Construction Materials, LLC Kansas City KS
MCAA Member Ernest Maier, Inc. Bladensburg MD
MCAA Member Georgia Masonry Supply Lawrenceville GA
MCAA Member Mutual Materials Company Bellevue WA
MCAA Member South Atlantic Masonry Products Chattanooga TN
MCAA Member Acme Brick Company Euless TX
MCAA Member Acme Brick Company St. Rose LA
MCAA Member Block-Lite Co. Inc. Flagstaff AZ
MCAA Member Chicago Block and Brick, Co. Mundelein IL
MCAA Member Gagne & Son Concrete Block Belgrade ME
MCAA Member Lurvey Supply Des Plaines IL
MCAA Member MASONPRO, Inc. Northville MI
MCAA Member Masonry Accessories, Inc. Orlando FL
MCAA Member Package Pavement Co. Inc. Stormville NY
MCAA Member Thompson Building Materials, Inc. San Diego CA
MCAA Member Tucker-Kirby Co. Charlotte NC
MCAA Member Waldo Bros. Company Boston MA
MCAA Member Wire-Bond Charlotte NC
FERO Corporation Edmonton AB

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