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The use of insulation reduces fluctuations in interior temperatures, moderating heat loss and gain.

Insulation Placement

Insulation can be placed variously in four positions:

  1. Exterior covered by a finish surface as with EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System)
  2. In the cavity between the interior and exterior wythes
  3. Integral to the wall by placement in the masonry cores
  4. On the interior, such as batt insulation between studs or as rigid sheets anchored to the backup structure

Insulation Types

One popular and effective form of insulation is expanded polystyrene, sometimes referred to as rigid foam insulation. Fiberglass batt insulation is often used in single wythe stud wall construction and is placed between the studs. Perlite, Styrofoam beads or cellulose loose fill can be poured or blown into the masonry unit cores.

R-Values & U-Values

R-value is the thermal resistance to heat flow by a building assembly. A greater R-value offers greater insulation. U-value is the reciprocal of the R-value (U = 1/R) and defines transmission of heat through a building assembly. U is expressed as BTUs per hour per one square foot of area. A greater U-value offers less insulation.

Companies Offering Insulation

Company City State
MCAA Member Amcor Masonry Products North Salt Lake UT
MCAA Member Crown Masonry & Construction Materials, LLC Kansas City KS
MCAA Member Service Partners South Arlington TX
MCAA Member Belden Tri-State Building Materials New York NY
MCAA Member Chicago Block and Brick, Co. Mundelein IL
MCAA Member Gagne & Son Concrete Block Belgrade ME
MCAA Member Lehi Block Company, Inc. Lehi UT
MCAA Member MASONPRO, Inc. Northville MI
MCAA Member Masonry Accessories, Inc. Orlando FL
MCAA Member Raymond Builders Supply Geneva OH
MCAA Member Thompson Building Materials, Inc. San Diego CA
MCAA Member Tucker-Kirby Co. Charlotte NC
MCAA Member Waldo Bros. Company Boston MA

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