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Preventing and Handling Efflorescence

Provider: Informa
Discipline: Masonry Products
Credits: 3.00

Frustrated by that "white powder" that sometimes appears on walls as they dry out after construction? Fearful that it will attack your next project? What exactly is efflorescence and why is it showing up? Attendees will learn all about the different types of efflorescence, lime runs and white silicate deposits. Discussions will include sources, what causes efflorescence, how to identify different types and what cleaning procedures can be used to remove it. Most importantly, attendees will hear about some simple jobsite practices which will reduce or eliminate efflorescence from construction projects.

Learning Ojectives:

  1. Define efflorescence and its source and cause
  2. Identify the different types and sources of efflorescence
  3. Discuss what cleaning procedures you can use to remove efflorescence
  4. Review jobsite practices for reducing or eliminating efflorescence

For more information please visit or contact Informa at 972-536-6416.

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