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Drive S.A.F.E. - Speed/Attention/Fatigue/Emotion

Provider: Mason Contractors Association of California, Inc.
Discipline: Safety
Credits: 0.25

Distracted driving continues to be an epidemic, but it is not the only factor in vehicle crashes. Ryan Crawford, Account Executive and Marketing Representative for Federated Insurance, will share his knowledge of three other major causes: speed, fatigue, and emotion, which are equally as important to address. Driving is a task. Just like any other task, it becomes more dangerous when we become complacent. With more than 40,000 vehicle deaths last year, complacency should not be part of our driving vocabulary. Beyond the safety considerations, let's not discount the fact that employers have become increasingly liable for their employees' driving behavior and employees are also mobile billboards representing their employers. This will be a 15-minute refresher course offering tips for us all to make sure we get where we are going safely and tools that employers can use to mitigate potential liability.

For more information please visit or contact Mason Contractors Association of California, Inc. at 916-966-7666.

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