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MCAA Committee Chairman Handbook

Committees are the building blocks for associations. It's through strong committee structures that the work of successful associations is done. Committees and their chairmen, when motivated, help the organization involve members, develop direction and achieve its long-range goals.

You have made the initial, most important step...that's becoming an MCAA Committee Chair. Now the work and rewarding part begin...the work of running your committee. Following is a handbook that will assist you in your endeavor to successfully run an MCAA Committee.

In this handbook you will find what makes a quality chairman and how to select effective commttee members. Most importantly, it will spell out how to run an effective committee; however this handbook is only an overview. It is not meant to be a "literal" step by step instructional on what you must follow. Your own creativity and individualism can be incorporated in how you run your committee.

Thank you for your involvement. It is this involvement that is helping to build the MCAA. We hope your experience in running an MCAA committee is a rewarding and beneficial experience.

Good luck!


What is the MCAA and its Mission?
The Role of the Committee Chairperson in the MCAA

What Makes a Quality Committee Chairman

What Makes A Quality Committee Chairman
The Job of the Committee Chairperson
Why Committees are Important
Why Committees are Important to the MCAA

Quality of a Strong Committee Structure

Advantages of Groups
Quality of a Strong Committee Structure
Developing the Group Relationship

Selection of Effective Committee Members

Selection of Effective Committee Members
Getting Started

How to Run an Effective Committee

Running an Effective Committee Meeting
Conducting the Committee Meeting and Your Responsibility
Problem Solving

Types of Committees

Types of Committees
Meeting Dates, Committee Goals & MCAA Long Range Plan


Many of the ideas and concepts for this committee chairman's handbook were taken from the following references:

Communications for Results

4th Edition, 1993
Cheryl Hamilton
Wadsworth Publishing

Communicating in Small Groups

Steven Beebe & John Masterson
Harper Collins Publishing

Louis Rowley

Executive Director
Washington State Conference of Mason Contractors

“We are a passionate group that can solve challenges through our dedication.”

Brian Grant
Grant Contracting Co., Inc.
MCAA member since 1996

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