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Image Credit: pkanchana
Image Credit: pkanchana
August 12, 2022 9:54 AM CDT

RECAP: Safety Leaders Meeting August 10th, 2022

MCAA Quarterly Safety Leaders Meetings Are Open To All Members


For MCAA Members: To register for the quarterly Zoom meetings and/or to receive a recording of this meeting, please email Dan at 

The MCAA held its quarterly Safety Leaders Meeting on August 10th, 2022 at 11:00 AM Central Time. The meetings are designed to foster peer-to-peer learning and discussions on safety topics, and help the MCAA provide resources in support of our members. 

The main topics covered during this meeting included: 

  • Job Hazard Analysis / Safety Hazard Analysis: Some contractors have noted the increase of a requirement for a Job Hazard Analysis / Safety Hazard Analysis. Some contractors on the call noted that they have dealt with this issue for many years, and have developed their own respective templates as hazards typically do not change between jobs. 
  • Equipment Maintenance As A Safety Consideration: There seems to be a split on how equipment maintenance is handled. Some contractors have a tag-out process where the equipment goes into the shop, and others have someone who can go out in the field. If the piece of equipment can be swapped out, it is usually replaced with a safe and functioning piece of equipment. Some companies' mechanics are also masons, so they are able to be taken off of the wall in order to repair. 
  • Safe Material Loading/Unloading On Trucks: Other than Malta Dynamics' grabber, is there another solution for safe loading and unloading of trucks? Material can get high when placed on a truck, and other than strapping a ladder to the truck is there another solution? Some government jobs will no longer allow people to get on the truck without a ladder. Additionally, securing straps over a high load of cargo is a concern. 
  • Safety Requirements From General Contractors: A concern has arisen about some GCs going above and beyond OSHA requirements for employee safety that can cross the line of being unrealistic. In some cases, these requirements (100% tie-off, 100% hand protection, 100% eye protection) can create more hazards than adhering to typical standards.
  • The Use Of "Shark Cages" Instead Of Wrapped Pallets For Material Handling: Some areas are requiring the use of "shark cages" when material is handled on a job site and will no longer allow a wrapped pallet moved with forks. 

About the Author

Dan Kamys is the Editorial Director of MASONRY Publications.


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