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Rennie Tejeda

Inducted 2017

Rennie Tejeda has dedicated his life to the masonry industry and was actively involved for over thirty-five years. His passion for masonry and vision for the industry are what set him apart.

Rennie Tejeda

He was a great leader in the industry, who was well-respected by both his fellow masonry contractors and the general contractors he worked and interacted with on projects. More importantly, he was a mentor to many of the younger masonry contractors who looked up to him and sought advice from him due to his experience and integrity.

In 1954, at the age of 21, Rennie started working for Charlie Meister Masonry. He worked as an apprentice bricklayer, and then quickly became a journeyman bricklayer laying brick on commercial and residential projects. He soon was promoted to a foreman bricklayer, managing jobs and running work. In 1960, he became the field superintendent for the company, overseeing the field for all of the company's projects. In 1963, Rennie and his brother Richard decided to start their own company, R&R Masonry, Inc., in North Hollywood, Calif. Rennie's role in the company was president and field superintendent, which he continued to do through the late 1990s. In addition, Rennie was active in estimating R&R Masonry's larger and more complex projects. Rennie retired from the company in 2000, with his sons, Ken and Steve, taking over the operations of the business and continuing his legacy.

Rennie has spent countless hours serving and supporting the masonry industry. He was actively involved in various masonry trade associations. He was a board member of the local Masonry Institute of America (MIA) for over 25 years and served as Chairman of the MIA from 1988-1993. Rennie also served as the Region H Vice President of the MCAA for many years, overseeing the California and Hawaii territories. Rennie was active in the California Conference of Masonry Contractors Association (CCMCA), for over thirty years. In 1978, he was elected President of the Los Angeles Chapter, and served as Chairman from 1979-1980.

In addition, Rennie was a Management Trustee for the Bricklayer's Union Trust Funds for over 25 years and also served as Chairman for various years. He was a prominent leader of the Executive Council of the Masonry Contractor's Exchange of Southern California, and was instrumental in the negotiations with the Bricklayer's and Laborer's Union for the Collective Bargaining Agreements for 30 years.

Rennie had many significant accomplishments and contributions to the masonry industry. He developed and created the Prefabricated Masonry Systems (Brick Panels) in Southern California working closely with Jeff Asher, now Principal & Chairman of KPFF Consulting Engineers, and with the Higgins Brick Company. Rennie also was instrumental in the design of specialty block - the Y block and Chevron block - working with Truestone Block Company on units used in the construction of CMU cell walls for a Correctional Facility at the Ventura County Jail. These specialty block ultimately became the standard for Correctional Facilities in the Southern California area.

Knowing the importance of safety in the industry, he worked jointly with CAL OSHA Consultation Division in California promoting safety on scaffolding and the bracing requirements of the Masonry scaffold frames.

R&R Masonry just celebrated its 53rd Anniversary last August. The company's success is directly attributed to Rennie's devotion and passion for the industry, and it is because of his strong work ethic, honesty and fairness that R&R Masonry is still flourishing today. The masonry industry is stronger because of his dedication and lifetime contributions. It would be a great honor to have him inducted into the Masonry Hall of Fame.

Plaque Engraving

Started working for Charlie Meister Masonry in 1954 as an apprentice bricklayer. Became the Field Superintendent for the company in 1960. Established R&R Masonry, Inc. in 1963. Board Member of the MIA for over 25 years, including Chairman (1988-1993). Served as MCAA Region H Vice President. Active in the CCMCA for over thirty years. Served as President of the CCMCA Los Angeles Chapter, and Chairman (1979-1980). Management Trustee for the Bricklayer’s Union Trust Funds for over 25 years including serving as Chairman. Leader of the Executive Council of the Masonry Contractor’s Exchange of Southern California. Instrumental in the design of the Y block and Chevron block. Worked with CAL OSHA to promote scaffolding safety. Retired in 2000.

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