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Jerry Painter

Inducted 2012

Having grown up in a family with masonry coursing through their veins, Jerry Painter was taught dedication to one’s life’s work at a very young age. He has now been in the masonry profession for over 48 years.

Jerry Painter

As of December 2011 his significant accomplishments and major impact on the masonry industry can be judged from the following lists of credits that include over 48 years experience in all phases of masonry construction including: journeyman mason, masonry contractor, masonry materials, masonry materials manufacturing, lecturing, instruction, promotion, inspection, estimating, consultation, and restoration.

His experience covers:

  • Bricklayer - 48 years
  • Vice President - Painter Masonry, Inc. 1968-1993
  • President - Painter Masonry, Inc 1993-Present
  • Adjunct Professor - 1990-2002
  • Santa Fe Community College - Building Technology Department - Masonry BCT2411
  • Instructor - 2000-Present
  • Florida Masonry Education Foundation (FMEF)
  • Structural Masonry Certification Program - “Workmanship”
  • Vice President - Gainesville Masonry Products 1976-1983

Certifications include:

  • Certified Master Bricklayer - AGC
  • Certified Master Stonemason - AGC
  • Certified Structural Masonry Contractor - FCPA-SMC-0011
  • Certified General Contractor - State of Florida - CGC040581
  • Instructor - Santa Fe Community College - Masonry

Memberships and Leadership Duties have included:

  • Masonry Association of Florida (MAF) 1989-Present
    • President (1989-1990, 1991-1992, 2000-2002)
    • Vice President 2005-2007
    • President of M.A.F. North Central Chapter 1997-2006
  • Florida Masonry Apprenticeship & Education Foundation (FMAEF)
    • Secretary 2003-2006
    • Vice President 2006-2007
    • President 2007-2009
  • Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA)
    • Co-Chairman of Technical Committee
    • Florida State President
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
    • Committees C12, C15, C27, & E06
    • Chairman of Subcommittee C15.05 (Masonry Assemblies)
    • Past Chairman of Task Group C15.05.07 (Workmanship)
    • Chairman of Committee C12-Mortars & Grouts
    • Fellow of ASTM-Award of Merit
  • The Masonry Society (TMS)
    • Board of Directors 2001-2002, 2005-2006 2007-2009
    • Technical Activities Committee (TAC) 2006-2008
    • Treasurer 2011-2013
  • Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC) 2000-Present
    • Voting member of main Committee of General Requirements
    • Voting member of Construction Requirements Subcommittees
  • Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF)
  • Building Construction Advisory Committee - Santa Fe College
  • Builders Association of North Central Florida (BANCF)
  • Council for Masonry Wall Bracing-original member
  • Construction Industry Silica Task Force
  • ESCSI/MCAA/NCMA Joint Task Force on Lightweight Concrete Masonry
  • Editorial Advisory Board - Masonry Construction
  • Alachua County Codes Enforcement Board 1987-1998 & 2001 to Present
    • Chairman 1989-1998, 2008-Present
  • North Central Florida Safety Council
    • Board of Directors 1998-Present
    • President 2000-2001
  • Scaffold Industry Association (SIA)
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB)
    • Florida Guardian Advisory Council Member
  • Gainesville Chamber of Commerce
  • Suwannee/Hamilton counties Vo-tech Masonry Advisory Committee
  • Bradford/Union counties Vo-tech Masonry Advisory Committee
  • Menendez High School Construction/Masonry Advisory
  • Rotary Club Foundation of Gainesville
    • Board of Directors 1994-1996, 2003-2005
    • Secretary 2005-2006
    • President 2007-2008

Guest lecturer at:

  • The Masonry Society Annual Meeting
  • Brick Institute of America Masonry Instructors Seminar
  • Florida Department of Education Masonry Instructors Seminar
  • University of Florida School of Civil Engineering
  • University of Florida School of Building Construction
  • Brick Industry Regional Sales Meetings
  • Federal Officials Masonry Seminar 2001, 2003 & 2006

Honors have included:

  • Masonry Construction 1999 “Industry Leader of the Year”
  • Rotary Paul Harris Fellow
  • Gainesville Sun - “Hidden Hero”
  • MAF Lifetime Achievement Award - “ 2001
  • Expanded Shale Clay & Slate Institute 2008 Carl G. Erskine Award
  • Fellow of ASTM-Award of Merit

Plaque Engraving

Experience covers Vice President and President of Painter Masonry, Inc.; adjunct professor 1990-2002; Vice President of Gainesville Masonry Products 1976-1983. Leadership duties included MAF President 1989-1990, 1991-1992, 2000-2002; President of MAF North Central Chapter 1997-2006; MCAA Technical Committee Chairman; ASTM Committee Chairman; TMS Board of Directors 2001-2002, 2005-2006, 2007-2009; North Central Florida Safety Council Board of Directors, President 2000-2001. Honors have included Masonry Construction 1999 Industry Leader of the Year; MAF Lifetime Achievement Award 2001; ESCSI 2008 Carl G. Erskine Award; ASTM Award of Merit.

Masonry Hall of Fame Members

“The opportunity to ‘talk shop’ with other mason contractors is extremely valuable.”

Joe Bonifate
Arch Masonry & Restoration
MCAA member since 2012

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