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What is Overhead & Where is Profit?

Provider: Informa
Discipline: Bidding Practices
Credits: 1.50

This session will help you understand the components that make up overhead and affect your profit. Attendees will work through practical examples to help define overhead to be used for both estimating as well as pricing purposes. Learn how to determine the break-even point to improve profitability. Discover how to can make more money by understanding the nature of the costs. This session will be both informative and fun!

Learning Ojectives:

  1. Understand costs for determining what components of your business are and are not profitable
  2. Understand the mathematical calculations of overhead and why you may appear to make money on a job yet have very little cash in the bank
  3. Measure costs and allocate overhead effectively to maintain or improve profitability
  4. Create a breakeven analysis to project growth and profit

For more information please visit or contact Informa at 972-536-6416.

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