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Respirators (MSHA)

Provider: Mason Contractors Association of America
Discipline: Safety
Credits: 0.50

This module provides overview of respirators, including the need for respirators, the types of respirators available, the proper use of respirators, and proper treatment of respirators, including washing and storage.

Reference: 30 CFR Part 46.5.c.1

By the end of this module, you should be able to:

- Explain what a respirator is
- List two main types of respirators
- Explain how to select the respirator to use at a particular job site
- Explain the type of protection each type of respirator provides
- State who certifies respirators for use
- Explain what an APF is
- List some considerations for proper respirator fit
- Explain how to wash and sanitize a respirator
- Explain how to store a respirator

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