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E-119 Fire Test Report

Provider: Ohio Masonry Association
Discipline: Codes & Standards
Credits: 1.00

Luther Liggett has been retained by the Ohio Masonry Association to review the E-119 Fire Test Method. Luther has contacted ASTM, Testing Laboratories, etc. to review the procedures and practices of testing materials regarding the E-119 test.
Luther will report to the states how his research is proceeding and what avenues might be open to find a champion to help our industry gain a voice within the insurance industry, fire / residential / commercial code committees, legislative branches etc.
Luther will discuss with us disconnects that he has found in regards to testing non-cementatious materials and how the E-119 test may not be implemented today as it was meant when originally conceived.

For more information please visit or contact Ohio Masonry Association at 800-443-6779.

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