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Building Information Modeling for Masonry (BIM-M): Implementing the Masonry Unit Database

Provider: Mason Contractors Association of America
Discipline: Bidding Practices
Credits: 1.00

We invite all of our stakeholders, but especially masonry material suppliers, to attend this webinar. Your input is essential to the future success of BIM-M.

On Friday, 29 August at 1:00 PM CDT, 2:00 PM EDT, the Building Information Modeling for Masonry Initiative will give a webinar on the Masonry Unit Database. The Masonry Unit Database or “MUD” is intended to act as a digital repository for geometric and material property information about masonry units. The MUD is intended to facilitate materials comparisons and selection by architects and owners. And, in the future, it will act as the repository of masonry unit information for BIM applications

The webinar will introduce:

  1. The structure of the database.
  2. A discussion of the information that is included (and not included) in the database.
  3. An overview of applications that will access the database.
  4. The plan for trial implementation of the database, starting this fall.
This webinar is the next step in seeking input from masonry suppliers of CMU and clay brick. We want to share our vision of the database with you, so that you can guide us in the trial implementation coming up this fall. We expect that you will have hard questions for the BIM-M team.

We invite you to review the most recent report from Georgia Tech before the webinar:

The BIM-M Masonry Unit Team speaking at the webinar will be:
  1. Jeff Elder, General Manager at Interstate Brick, who is the project manager for the Masonry Unit Database project.
  2. Russell Gentry, Associate Professor at Georgia Tech and BIM-M project lead on the MUD project.
  3. Shani Sharif, Graduate Research Assistant in the Digital Building Lab at Georgia Tech.
The webinar will be hosted by the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA).

For more information please visit or contact Mason Contractors Association of America at 800-536-2225.

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