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How to Earn Credits

Once registered for Masonry Certification, the MCAA will send you a username and password that will allow access to the certification database. The database will track your progress to certification and will keep you informed of what credits are needed.

75.00 continuing education credits must be earned by the the primary individual in charge of day-to-day masonry operations such as an owner, CEO or senior management. Please carefully consider this decision; if the primary leaves the company, the company will lose its current progress towards certification.

Any classes related to the business of a mason contractor (with the exception of formal apprenticeship training programs that teach the craft) are eligible for credit.

One hour of course time is equal to one credit. Therefore, an eight hour course would be worth 8.00 credits. A thirty-minute course would be worth 0.50 credits.

Credits will be earned in the following six disciplines:

  • Quality Assurance Best Practices (16.00)
  • Codes and Standards (10.00)*
  • Ethics and Business Practices (10.00)
  • Safety (10.00)**
  • Bidding Practices (5.00)
  • Masonry Products (5.00)

* One of these courses must be at least four hours in length and specifically address Codes and Standards.

** A comprehensive safety course is required, such as the OSHA 10-hour Training Course.

The remaining 19.00 credits can be obtained in the six disciplines divided anyway the contractor chooses.

Credits may be self reported; however, detailed documentation of the courses taken and MCAA approval after the course has been taken are required. Courses taken outside of approved courses may not be approved for credit.

The MCAA website will list all approved provider class offerings with full details on the class, day and time. A list of approved classes will also be printed in each issue of Masonry magazine.

100% of the masonry firm's supervisors must attain at least 15.00 continuing education credits in any discipline in order to qualify to sit for the exam.

Once the primary and supervisor have attained the appropriate credits, the primary may take the certification exam.

How is a supervisor defined?

A supervisor is anyone working in the field that manages others in the field, such as a foreman or project manager.

All supervisors must be listed. If you do not list all supervisors for your company you risk losing your certification status. All supervisors must be listed and each must earn 15.00 credits in any discipline.

The Grandfather Clause

The MCAA will grandfather education courses taken for both the primary and supervisors. Credits may be submitted for courses taken up to five years ago. Documentation proving the courses were taken such as a certificate of completion, proof of payment for a course, and a description of the course will be required.

Additional Questions?

For more information regarding Masonry Certification, please contact the Mason Contractors Association of America at 800-536-2225.

To start your certification today, please download the registration form and return it to the MCAA office.

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